Mary Jane and Michael Gladfelter started play on Friday in sixth place in the 0-10,000 Fast Pairs. A mediocre first final session dropped them to 10th place, but they came back strong in the second final session to win the event by 9.31 matchpoints on a top of 17.

The winners are a married couple who live in Columbus OH. Second place went to Dori Cohen, Woodbury NY, and Rob Gordon of Northport NY.

After their 52.61% game in the first final session, the Gladfelters scored 65.47% in the final session to take the title.

The two have been playing bridge for 30 years but took 18 years off when their only child, a daughter, was born. When she left for college five years ago, they resumed playing and have done well. At the 2012 Summer NABC in Philadelphia, the Gladfelters were second in the Young (0-1500) Life Master Pairs.

They own a printing company in Columbus.