Carolyn Lynch’s U.S. squad was declared the winner of last year’s world Senior team championship when the World Bridge Federation stripped the first-place German team of the 2013 D’Orsi Senior Trophy because of cheating. The WBF Executive Council awarded the world championship title to Lynch, Roger Bates, Garey Hayden, Mark Jacobus, Mike Passell and Eddie Wold. Donna Compton was the team’s non-playing captain.

One of the German pairs was found to have violated Law 73B: “The gravest possible offence is for a partnership to exchange information through prearranged methods of communications other than those sanctioned by the Laws. Through coded coughing, German pair Dr. Michael Elinescu and Dr. Entscho Wladow exchanged information about hand pattern and strength.

Though the American team broke the coughing code early in the final and wanted nothing more than to confront the doctors, they were asked to ignore the cheating and continue play so that WBF officials could collect the necessary evidence to prosecute Elinescu and Entscho. Following the incidents at the world team championships in Bali, further proof that the pair was using illegal unauthorized information was documented at the Cavendish Pairs in Monaco.

Elinescu and Entscho were found guilty at a WBF Disciplinary Committee hearing in March. The German pair appealed the ruling and they were again determined to be guilty of violating Law 73B by a WBF appellant tribunal.

The action taken by the WBF Executive Council on October 13 strips the entire German team – not just the pair found cheating – of its gold medals and title and also moves the original third- and fourth-place finishers up one step on the podium, making Poland the winners of the silver medal and France the winners of the bronze.

To view the decision of the WBF’s Executive Council, click here.