Players have earned more than 20, 30 and 50 gold points just by playing in two session pair and Swiss team events at the ACBL’s Regionals at Sea.

Now, the ACBL will be adding Bracketed Knockouts to all 2014 Regionals at Sea – perfect for those who prefer team games and bracketed competition, in which players compete against others with the same or similar masterpoint holdings. These knockouts are the perfect opportunity to earn gold points.

In addition to multiple sessions of bridge, Regionals at Sea offer daily lectures, hand analysis, world-class ports of call, cocktail parties, awards ceremonies and more.

As always, the ACBL will help you find a teammate on board. And you never know who you’ll get partnered with. At our inaugural Regional at Sea, some lucky passengers played with George Jacobs.

Select cruises will also offer the ACBL Teacher Accreditation Program and Cruise Seminar at no additional cost. With just two hours of hands-on lessons each day, you can become an ACBL accredited teacher. Mention the ACBL TAP when booking your trip and be pre-registered for the course.

The Regionals at Sea offer exciting voyages for a great price. Come away, earn some gold points and experience the adventure of the Regionals at Sea.

To book your Regional at Sea, please contact

Cruise Planners
501-278-5353 or
Toll Free 866-500-9900
Canada: 1-800-493-1339

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Regionals at Sea page.

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