The team captained by David Grainger went into the last round of the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams with an 8.25 Victory Point lead. Despite losing their last match, the 6 IMPs they picked up were enough to stave off Kimberly Whipple’s squad.

Grainger finished with 124 points to Whipple’s 123.75. Just 3 more IMPS for

Whipple in their last-round win would have secured the top spot.

Playing with Grainger were Janet Macchi, Tom Breed, Roger Lee, Daniel Korbel and Ira Chorush.

Whipple’s teammates were Kevin Dwyer, Owen Lien, Danny Molenaar and Tim Verbeek.

Grainger entered the two-day contest in seventh place. Whipple was sitting 18th at the beginning of the first final session.

The event, in its second year, attracted 66 teams, 36 of which qualified to play on day two.