Geoff Hampson and Eric Greco took the lead in the first final session of the Kay Platinum Pairs and held off a challenge by the runners-up to win the event by slightly more than a board (13 top). The runners-up were Joel Wooldridge and Kent Mignocchi.

Hampson and Greco, one of ACBL’s top pairs for nearly 20 years, moved from fifth place to the lead with a 60.76% game in the first session. Their 58.73% game in the second final session was enough to keep them in first.

The win was the 14th NABC+ win for Greco. Hampson has 19. They have won 13 NABC+ events as partners. The two have also won a world championship together – the 2010 Rosenblum Cup in Philadelphia. Hampson was a member of the winning squad in the 2001 World Transnational Open Teams in Paris.

The winners did have a scare in the Platinum Pairs. When the final standings were printed out, Hampson and Greco had a lead of less than half a matchpoint – 443.86 to 443.39 for Wooldridge and Mignocchi, who had a strong last round with 22.5 out of 26 matchpoints. A score correction might easily change the standings.

A slow-play penalty of 3 matchpoints appeared to have cost Wooldridge and Mignocchi the title, but a review of the scores showed that Greco and Hampson had been given a score of minus 630 (a zero) on board 15 when they had actually scored plus 100 (12 matchpoints). When the correction was made the final margin for the winners was 13.47 matchpoints.

Wooldridge and Mignocchi had pulled close to the lead by posting plus 1100 (a top) on the next-to-last board, followed by 9.5 matchpoints for bidding and making a game that was missed at most tables.