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IMPs. None vulnerable

♠ K 4 K 8 6 5 4 3 Q 7 6 3 2 ♣ —
West North East South
2♣ (1) Pass 2 (2) ?

(1) Natural, six or more clubs(or five with a four-card major), 12-15 high-card points.
(2) Artificial inquiry.

For yesterday’s It’s Your Call deal (from June 2008’s Bridge Bulletin), 2 was named top bid.

You don’t have many high-card values, but your distribution is good for offense. The majority of the panel bid 2.

“2,” said Mike Lawrence. “Passing will leave you wondering later if you should have bid. This is your chance.”

“Might as well have my say now,” agreed Betty Ann Kennedy.

“With 6–5, come alive?” asked Janet and Mel Colchamiro.

“With 6–5, come alive,” answered Jeff Meckstroth.

“I would like to have better hearts or a better hand, but too bad!” declared Grant Baze, who also bid 2. “I have the club void and 6–5 pattern, so I have to get us into the auction.”

Kerri Sanborn agreed. “Close whether to bid with such poor suits, but 6–5 is too tempting,” she said.

“Dangerous to bid, dangerous to pass,” said Larry Cohen. “The deciding factor is my void in their suit. Partner could easily have enough for game, such as:
♠A 8 7 A 10 2 J 9 8 4 ♣K 7 3.”

What does the panel’s guest fifth grader think?

“2,” said Andrew Jeng. “I have six hearts and a distributional hand.”

Others didn’t agree with 2.

“Pass,” said Allan Falk. “They are in a forcing auction; I may as well listen. I can always bid later, possibly with a better shot of showing both my suits. Holding 6–5 with no texture and no real high cards is just a four-digit number waiting to happen.”

“Pass,” agreed Kitty and Steve Cooper. “We have to wait a round before bidding. Partner may have a club stack or the opponents may have a big spade fit. Who knows, but let’s not lie to our partner about our strength.”

“I can’t see any percentage in trying to declare, and I’m not even sure I want either of these suits led,” said Karen Walker, who also passes. “If partner can’t enter the auction, it’s unlikely we’re missing a game.”

Two experts bid 3*H*.

“It’s not a classic 3 bid,” said Barry Rigal, “but I want to make their life tough. Maybe it will end up making my own life tougher!”

Peggy and John Sutherlin agreed with 3. “If we bid 2NT, it would be unclear as to whether it is natural or for the two lower unbid suits,” they said. “If we pass, our next chance to bid may be over 4♠ or 5♣. 3 is risky, but necessary.”

“2NT,” said Steve Robinson. “This shows the red suits, and I’m treating my hearts as a five-card suit.”

Several experts considered 2NT but didn’t think it showed a two-suited hand.

The panel majority admitted that their hand is weak in high-card values but couldn’t resist entering the auction.


Call Score
2 100
Pass 70
3 50
2NT 10

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