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♠ K Q 8 3 J 8 3 2 5 ♣ A K 10 7
West North East South
Pass 1♠ Pass
Pass Dbl Pass ?

For yesterday’s It’s Your Call deal (from Nov. 2008’s Bridge Bulletin), Pass was named top bid.

You have an array of choices of bids that would be considered reasonable. Seven panelists made a 2♠ cuebid.

“2♠,” said Larry Cohen. “There are so many possible choices I could make a case for.”

“2♠,” agreed Barry Rigal. “I have no idea what to do again! I guess I’ll drive to game and show my hearts. I’m hoping to get to 3NT via a 3♠ probe if we do not have a 4–4 heart fit.”

Other 2♠ bidders had similar reasons.

“I plan to bid 3 at my next turn to show a good hand, but with only four hearts,” said Steve Robinson.

“I will follow with 3 which gives partner room to pass or cuebid 3♠ to get to 3NT,” said Jeff Meckstroth.

“It’s tempting to pass,” said Kitty and Steve Cooper. “We will bid game if partner bids 3 over our 2♠ bid. We plan to pass 3♣, but bid 3 over a 3 rebid by partner. Because partner is a passed hand, our cuebid is only a game try, not a game force.”

Seven experts did pass. They weren’t sure they could make game, so opted to try and collect a penalty.

“Let’s pass and go for 500,” said Richard Freeman. “Even plus 200 might be enough.”

“There’s a good chance for down two,” said Kerri Sanborn, “and no guarantee of a game our way.”

“Pass gives us two ways to win,” said JoAnna and Lew Stansby. “We might get plus 500. If we get plus 200, we might not have a game (or we might bid to the wrong one).”

“We pass,” said Janet and Mel Cohchamiro. “The ♠8 got us. After we lead our singleton, we rate to make three spade tricks. Another reason to pass is that we have no clear-cut alternative.”

“It is far from certain that we have a game,” agreed Allan Falk. “If we do, which one? We should have a good shot of beating 1♠ either 200 or 500. I could have egg on my face, but plus 500 beats any game our way if we have no game.”

Two experts bid 3.

“We bid 3, the simple invitational bid,” said Peggy and John Sutherlin. “Partner should not expect a good five-card suit because we didn’t overcall 2, but are inviting game.”

“Partner knows I’m a passed hand,” said Grant Baze, “so if he raises to 4, I expect to make it.”

The Bridge Buff was the only 4 bidder. “My simulations tell me that if partner has a takeout double, we should have a good play for game,” Buff said. “Humans are so delicate sometimes. When you know where to play a contract, just bid it.”


Call Score
Pass 100
2♠ 80
3 60
1NT 60
2 50
2NT 50
3NT 40
4 40
3♣ 20

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