The two most successful programs in the 19-year history of the World Computer-Bridge Championships met in the final on Saturday at the Summer NABC.
Jack, whose developers are from the Netherlands, defeated the French program Wbridge5. The final score was 165-148.
Jack has now won the title 10 times, Wbridge5 three. Neither has finished lower than third-fourth in the competion.
The field this year was made up of eight teams, including previous winners Bridge Baron and Shark Bridge.
In the final, Jack took a 109-87 lead at the halfway point of the 64-deal match and increased the lead to 137-102 after three quarters. In the last set, however, Wbridge5 had a string of plus scores that pushed them into the lead by 8 IMPs after 10 deals. Jack rallied over the final six boards to claim the title.
Jack was managed at the tournament by Wim Heemskerk and Martin Pattenier, Wbridge5 by Yves Costel.