The Junior U.S. Bridge Championships were hosted the last week of 2015 in Atlanta by the U.S. Bridge Federation. Four teams earned berths in the World Youth Team Championships in August in Salsomaggiore, Italy.

In the Patin͂o Cup (under 26), USA1 is Adam Kaplan, Zachary Brescoll, Adam Grossack, Zachary Grossack, Kevin Rosenberg and Ben Kristensen. USA 2 is Greg Herman, Christian Jolly, Oren Kriegel, Anam Tebha, Jordan Kaye and Julie Arbit.

In the Damiani Cup (under 21), the USA team is David Soukup, Hakan Berk, Nolan Chang and Isaac Stephani.

In the Rona Cup (women under 26), the USA team is Isha Thapa, Allison Hunt, Rebecca Wernis, Asya Ladyzhensky, Amber Lin and Kathleen Loeb.

Juniors - USA1 U26Juniors USA2 U26

USA1 – Under 26                                                                     USA2 – Under 26

Juniors - USA U21   Juniors - Rona Cup

USA 1 – Under 21                                                                     Rona Cup