The ACBL Educational Foundation and ACBL are partnering to grow bridge on college campuses.

Want to coach a college team?

We’ll fund you!

We want to bring the joy and benefits of bridge to more schools and students.
We’ll help with bridge supplies and up to $1000 in coaching stipends.

Work with a team of faculty, students and administrators interested in hosting a college bridge team or club. The coach may also be a local volunteer. Apply here.

ACBL will provide a bridge kit with cards, bidding boxes, boards, instructor materials, etc., as the program starts. Receive a stipend of $250 at the end of each semester (annual total = $500), after a brief progress report is approved. We’ll double the stipend if you recruit more than 20 students! Aim at recruiting 10 students in the first three months. All participants should be ACBL members (we’ll refund the membership fee for students under 26). Identify student leaders to assist with club formation, recruitment and scheduling.

Do you volunteer at the local unit?

Do you play with a college professor?

Would you like to mentor students?

Want to fund your alma mater’s bridge club?


ACBL district and unit members, alumni, teachers and all other bridge enthusiasts can help:

Identify a coach or faculty advisor Supporting the college team/club with:

Bridge workshops
Hosting games (bring pizza!)

Meet other teams, online or face-to-face, to play some bridge.

An exclusive club just for college students, powered by BBO. Play students from all of North America and win a trip to the 2018 Bridge Bowl!

Want to participate? Questions or suggestions? Contact us at
2017-18 Participating colleges/universities.

Want to win a trip to Atlanta in August 2018?
Ready to play bridge with other colleges for scholarships?