A pickup team won the 0–1500 Micro-Spingold, the first win in a limited national event for all four players. The team of Curt Kristensen were 160–131 winners over Winston Chang’s squad.

The winners came from far-flung locations: Kristensen lives in Duluth MN, Greg Sellgren in Henderson NV, Brian Rink in Denver CO and Ti Davis in Little Rock AR. They formed via a partnership desk match.

Kristensen and Sellgren met at the Las Vegas NABC in 2014 and played on a team together and had been meaning to partner ever since. “It only took two years for us to play together,” Kristensen said.

Davis and Rink met last fall at the Denver NABC and formed a regular partnership for nationals, playing again in Reno.

None of them has ever won an event higher than a regional knockout before, and the team was seeded 12th. They were happy to finish before midnight, unlike Wednesday night when they needed a six- board playoff to reach the semifinal.

Kristensen, whose son Ben is a member ofthe USA1 under-26 team, tries to take care of his teammates as captain. Throughout the event, he wrote the names of the opposing team on each of their scoresheets.

“The Chang team was perfect class,” he said. “It was a pleasure to play against them.”