The Spingold Knockout Teams trophy was given to Richard Schwartz, captain of the winning team. Schwartz and company surged ahead in the second quarter of the match and fought off a late rally by Team Monaco for a 142-115 victory. The Schwartz squad included Allan Graves, Ron Schwartz, Lotan Fisher, Espen Lindqvist and Boye Brogeland.

Three members of the victorious squad in the Spingold – Boye Brogeland, Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz – are the 2014 winners of the Fishbein Trophy, given annually to the player(s) earning the most masterpoints at the Summer NABC. The trio earned 250 points in the Spingold, plus 66.34 in regional teams events.

The other winners of the Spingold – Allan Graves, Richard Schwartz and Espen Lindqvist – finished just behind the top three.

The winners of the inaugural 0-10,000 Mixed Swiss Teams were Ava Grubman and Elliott Grubman playing with Linda Rothstein and Jeffrey Rothstein. The team, based in New York City, has the best two-day total in the event with 125.17 victory points.

The winners of the Roth Open Swiss Teams were John Kranyak, Vince Demuy, Gavin Wolpert, John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge and captain Paul Fireman. Their two-day total was 131.49 victory points. It was the first NABC win for Fireman.

The Chicago-based squad captained by Mark Frielander won the final match in the Mini-Spingold I KO Teams by defeating Wenbo Zhang’s team 144-96. Playing with Friedlander were Richard Fellars, Howard Engle and Mark Weisman. Engle and Weisman are previous winners of the Bruce Life Master Pairs (in 2011), another event restricted to 5000 masterpoints.

The squad captained by Om Chokriwala convincingly won the final of the Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) KO Teams by defeating Mary Ose’s team 167-74. Playing with Chokriwala of Sherman Oaks were Fred Upton of Van Nuys, Kevin Lane of Long Beach and Steve Ramos of Seal Beach.

The team captained by Nader Hanna emerged victorious in the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams. Hanna’s teammates were Michael Roche, Joan Eaton and Karen Cumpstone. All four members of the squad, which also won the event in 2012, are from Canada. Their final score was 33.86, consisting of a 1.36 carryover, 14.50 in the first final session and 18.00 in the second final session.

Brothers Adam Grossack and Zach Grossack completely dominated the final of the NABC+ Fast Pairs, scoring 71.85% in the first session and 65.72% in the second to win the contest by three boards. It was the first NABC+ title for Adam, 22, and Zach, 17.

China Red, the Chinese women’s squad captained by Wenfei Wang, won the Wagar Women’s Knockout Teams by a narrow margin – less than 2 IMPs. Wang played with Ran Jingrong, Hongli Wang, Lu Yan, Yu Zhang and Shao Hong Wu.

Combining two 58% games in the final of the Wernher Open Pairs with a solid carryover from the qualifying round, Marc Nathan and Jose Robles won the four-session contest by a third of a board.

The squad captained by Stephen McConnell leapfrogged James Griffin’s team in the final round of the Truscott/U.S. Playing Card Senior Swiss Teams to narrowly win the two-day contest by 1.26 victory points. McConnell of Evanston IL played with Warren Cederborg of Visalia CA, Dick Bruno of des Plaines IL, Robert Gardner of Glenview IL, Jeff Schuett of Riverwoods IL and Kerry Smith of Milwaukee WI. It was the first NABC title for captain McConnell, Cederborg and Gardner.

Several winners were announced on Championship Day. For the Grand National Teams Championship Flight, the winning squad included Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Michael Seamon, non-playing captain Jodi Coren, Richard Coren, Kevin Bathurst and Kevin Dwyer, all of District 9.

The District 21 squad won the Goldman Flight A of the GNT. On the team were Sathya Bettadapura, Robert Thomson, Crispin Barrere and Mark Moss.

Winners of the GNT Flight B were from District 16: Daniel Jackson, Jennifer Breihan, Mike Doyle, James Breihan and Bill McCarty.

The GNT Flight C champs hailed from District 21: Kendrick Chow, Samuel Kuang, Tsao-Tung Tsai and Luen-Jyh Luo.

Many National Pairs winners were also announced on Championship Day. Doug Doub and Frank Merblum won the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs. Joe Houde and Ronald Kay won the Bruce 0-5000 LM Pairs. The winners of the Young 0-1500 LM Pairs were Charles Riffle and Douglas Grant. The winners of the NABC 0-10,000 Pairs were John Jones and Mark Bartusek.

The squad representing the University of California at Berkeley won the Collegiate Team Championship. Armin Askari, Rebecca Wernis, Isha Thapa and Raymond Van Mizener were on the squad.