Unofficial results show that Robert Levin of Henderson NV won the most platinum points in 2014 to capture the Player of the Year award. Levin scored 819.11 platinum at the three NABCs. He is the only player to top the 800-platinum-point milestone this year.

The unofficial top 10 are:

1. Robert Levin, Henderson, NV                    819.11

2. Eric Rodwell, Clearwater FL                       751.69

3. BoyeBrogeland, Norway                               714.87

4. Jeff Meckstroth, Clearwater Beach FL       710.19

5. Zia Mahmood, New York NY                        664.96

6. Richard Coren, Highland Beach FL             662.00

7. Steve Weinstein, Andes NY                           639.57

8. Lotan Fisher, Rishon Le Zion, Israel           631.27

9. Ron Schwartz , Ramat-Gan, Israel               628.75

10. John Hurd, New York NY                             626.52

A full report will appear in the February issue of the Bridge Bulletin.