The Unit Growth Seminar is designed to develop teamwork between units and clubs, an understanding of ACBL marketing programs, enhanced organization of volunteers and unit-specific activities and goals. An ACBL representative will visit your area for this exciting six-hour program for a small fee.

What do the members say about the Unit Growth Seminar? Read their testimonials.

Each seminar participant will receive the Unit Growth Seminar Workbook, which includes hundreds of ideas from other units around the country and answers to the following questions and more.

  • How do we recruit and retain members and volunteers?
  • How can our unit, teachers and club owners work together?
  • How do we set up an Intermediate/Novice Program?
  • What is the 10-Point IN Program?
  • How do we promote our bridge event?

The seminar presenter provides packets, brochures, handbooks and samples during the seminar.

Units are asked to provide a location to hold the program and to include at least 10 participants. Your unit board members, club managers, teachers and enthusiastic volunteers should be invited. This seminar is a great opportunity to get your unit’s newer players involved.

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“As a board member, the seminar helped me to better understand the ACBL organization. I even learned things I didn’t know about my club!”

Eileen Hedrick, Birmingham, AL

“Your seminar really got us going, and I thank you for that. Most of the unit board members are fairly new to duplicate bridge and needed some direction.”

Sheila Bellows, Victoria, BC

“The seminar generated a lot of ideas and possibilities. It was exciting to hear of positive, constructive actions being taken elsewhere in the country.”

Randall Fadem, Waltham, MA

“Lots of useful ideas and perspectives for someone like me who is new to the unit board. It’s good to hear what needs to be done from someone who has done it. That lends a lot of credibility to what ACBL says can and should be done.”

Bill Huppenbauer, Plymouth, MI

“I think the seminar was a great motivator. A catalyst to energize those in leadership and volunteer positions. It offered good ideas for units to build on.”

Arnold Katz, Laguna Woods, CA