Please read these Terms of Service carefully before registering an account or using Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola (the “Service”), an email service and member database provider operated by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). By creating an account with the Service, you are an active User and required to adhere to the following guidelines.

Usage of the Service must reflect the ACBL Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of members’ and lapsed members’ contact information. Those using member information in a way that violates the ACBL Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use may be subject to civil lawsuit and further ACBL disciplinary action in accordance with ACBL’s Code of Disciplinary Regulations.


The Service is a customized version of Pianola specifically for ACBL Units and Districts. The ACBL will provide the Service at no cost to Units and Districts for a free trial period of twenty-four (24) months. At the end of the free trial, Units and Districts wishing to continue use of Service will enter into an agreement with Pianola to continue use of the Service. Pricing for continued use of the Service will be determined by Pianola based on the Unit and District usage during the free trial period.


The ACBL will manage the user permissions, member database and templates each Unit and District has access to when using the Service.

Units and districts are limited to the following approved uses as per the ACBL Terms of Use:

  • Announcements and promotions of ACBL-sanctioned bridge events led by the Unit/District
  • Announcements and newsletters discussing activities of the Unit/District
  • Birthday or similar greetings

The following are unapproved uses:

  • Personal or private fundraisers, even if bridge-themed
  • Personal or private business opportunities or investments, even if bridge-themed
  • Personal or private programs, even if bridge-themed
  • Anything not included in the approved uses above


Units and Districts and its Users will have access to specific ACBL member databases (“Permissions”) that will be determined by the ACBL. The ACBL will determine Unit and District Permissions based upon proximity and necessity. Users may request a change to Permissions on behalf of the Unit or District they are acting on by emailing Requests will be reviewed, and Permissions will be given at the sole discretion of the ACBL.

Tournament Communications: For emails about upcoming tournaments, Units may contact surrounding Units, and Districts may contact surrounding Districts.

Other Email Communications: For all purposes other than tournament communications, Units and Districts may only contact their respective Unit/District. Contacting other Units or Districts will result in restricted future usage, including but not limited to disabling allowed senders and limiting ability to contact other Units or Districts for tournament communications. (See Termination below.)


If a Unit or District elects to upgrade the Service with Pianola, they will be responsible for the cost even if it is within the trial period. Upgrading allows the User access to additional tools provided by Pianola, while still allowing the ACBL to provide content for accessing its member database.


The ACBL may terminate Service to any User who is found to be in violation of the Terms of Service. The ACBL may suspend or terminate Service to any Unit or District with a User in violation of the Service. At any time during or after the Service’s free trial period a Unit or District may elect to terminate Service. If terminated, Users will have no access to the Service but may continue to access the limited Tournament Email Services provided by the ACBL. The Tournament Email Services program provides members in a pre-determined area a notice of an upcoming tournament upon request only. Notices are general announcements of location, date and contact information.

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