We wanted to share information about  some of the newest marketing initiatives we have recently rolled out. We believe these campaigns are extremely valuable in our goals of growing the game through participation and membership.

Just Play Bridge

  • On June 1, Just Play Bridge (offering BBO non-masterpoint robot games) was launched on the ACBL website.
  • It is currently promoted through a homepage banner. Future internal and external promotions are in the works. External promotions will be largely focused on driving prospective members to the service.

It’s Your Call

  • On May 24, we launched a weekly subscription email using historic It’s Your Call columns.
  • It’s Your Call was chosen because it is the post on Facebook that most engages players.
  • The email gives subscribers the weekly It’s Your Call along with a link to read the complete expert answers.
  • Members and non-members alike have the opportunity to subscribe to the email.

New Member Engagement Emails

  • Beginning in February 2016, a series of new member emails to better engage with first-year members was launched.
  • The goal is to build a stronger relationship on the front end with members, thus improving the retention rate of first-year members.
  • Each email focuses on a different area of membership, aimed at easing the new member through the first year. Topics include member benefits, learning opportunities, filling out a convention card, playing at the club, finding a partner, visiting a tournament, etc.
  • Another feature is a short lesson that links to the Learn To Play Bridge web app, so they can practice bridge.
  • By the end of the first year, members will have received a total of 12 emails, one per month.

Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola

  • A new software was developed empowering units and districts to directly contact their members through email instead of going through us. This can be used for tournament promotion and select other topics and offers them tools to allow them to build a tighter relationship with members.
  • We will still send out emails about tournaments when requested, but we are encouraging units/districts to have more creative control and better foster their membership relationships themselves.

Many thanks to Darbi Padbury, Marketing Manager, for her outstanding job leading these efforts. The team included significant work by Tracey Yarbro, Liza Frisbie, Bryan Delfs, Stephanie Threlkeld and Gwynn Garthright as well as extensive collaboration with IT, Clubs & Membership and Editorial.

Alex Turner
Chief Marketing Officer
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