The ACBL’s masterpoint system appeals to members because it permits them to know their approximate overall ranking relative to every other member. Although a complete listing of the large number of ACBL members is impractical, the ranks that members earn as they achieve various plateaus of masterpoint holdings serve as close approximations of their overall standing. Lists of the top players in some categories and masterpoint races are published in The Bridge Bulletin magazine and on the ACBL website.

There are formulas for computing masterpoint awards for all ACBL-sanctioned events. These formulas take into account various factors, such as the class of the event, the size of the field, the number of sessions and the level of competition, thus ensuring maximum uniformity throughout the ACBL in determining masterpoint awards.

Additionally, masterpoints are “pigmented” to reflect the level of competition.

Unpigmented Points

These points are awarded for success in online play and are colorless.

Black Points

These points are awarded for success in sanctioned club games and unit games. There are some special events (usually conducted at clubs) that award points where some portion of the award will be in black points and the remainder will be in another color.

Silver Points

Silver points are awarded for success in events at sectional tournaments. Progressive sectionals and Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs) also award silver points.

Red Points

Regional tournaments and regional events at NABCs award red points except for overall and section tops (see Gold Points below). Grand National Teams (GNT) events, North American Open Pairs (NAOP) events and other special games afford players the opportunity to earn red points at their local clubs.

Gold Points

Gold points are awarded at North American Bridge Championships (NABCs) in national-rated events that have an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints. Gold points are awarded for overall positions and for section firsts in all two-session regional-rated events with an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints at NABCs and regional tournaments. Pairs filling in for one-session of a two-session event receive any gold points earned. Partial gold point awards are given for certain special events.

Platinum Points

Platinum points are awarded for NABC+ events (which are national-rated events with no upper masterpoint limit) and include the national-rated senior and women’s events.