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Size doesn’t matter, when .057 is HUGE

Masterpoints® and MyACBL

Like set lists to concert fans, masterpoints are the gems of the bridge world. And now that you’ve encountered them, you’re hooked! As you begin to command the games at the club, prevail at sectional tournaments and dominate regionals, your personal collection of masterpoints will distinguish your level of play. And best of all, your masterpoints are maintained by ACBL for life! Through the exclusive MyACBL portal you can:
See your masterpoints in real time. With our Rank-up helper you will know exactly what you need to advance to the next level.
Compare yourself with the entire ACBL membership by unit, district, state and country.
See your latest results
Find partners all over the country with the Partnership Desk
Compete in the monthly It’s Your Call contest for a chance to see your name in the Bridge Bulletin

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Find A Teacher – ACBL has a vast database of teachers across the continent. Finding a teacher in your area is as easy as 1, 2,
Online Mini-Games – From taking your first trick to more complex auctions, we offer a variety of online games for newbies to experts.
Maximize Your Membership monthly emails
Bridge Bulletin – Simply the best bridge magazine for players of all levels.

In your area, when you travel and even in the middle of the night. It’s up to you, brick and mortar or in the cloud.
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Travel discounts and more

Abenity – Enjoy an exclusive collection of perks including thousands of local and national discounts as part of your ACBL membership! The ACBL has partnered with Abenity to provide you with savings at hotels, restaurants, retailers, attractions and more.
Baron Barclay – 10% off on all purchases from the largest bridge retailer in the world.