Challenge Your Brain

Bridge helps you stay sharp! Studies have shown you can improve your logic, memory and concentration skills just by playing bridge.
With an untold number of deals possible, you’ll keep learning and improving every day.
Some of the keenest minds play bridge. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both played bridge for years – sometimes even together!

Play a New Game

Like card games? Enjoy puzzles? You’ll love bridge!
Bring a partner with you or make a friend for life.
You can play online, at your local club or in an international tournament.

Plug into a Community

Visit your local club, and you’ll meet interesting people in your neighborhood.
Bridge is played around the world every day. Chances are there’s a club near you where you can learn and play.
Come to play at The Longest Day, a national fundraising event when thousands of bridge players support the Alzheimer’s Association.

Get in the game!

Give us you email and zip code below and try our free introductory game — Minibridge.

    If you’re looking to brush up on your bridge game, click here for our free Just Play Bridge game.