Radu Nistor and Joan Brody narrowly captured the title in yesterday’s final of the 0-5000 Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs, outpacing runners-up Michael Schrage and Edward Rauch by 3.5 matchpoints on a 25 top.

Nistor of Sunnyside NY and Brody of Livingston NJ qualified fourth in Wednesday’s opening round and then combined a 54% in the first final session with a 61% in the second final to secure the win.

This is the first limited NABC title for Brody. Nistor previously won the Lebhar IMP Pairs in 2014 and the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams earlier this year.

The runners-up – Schrage, of Chestnut Hill MA, and Rauch, of Fort Lauderdale –were a pickup partnership.