Steve Zolotow’s team defeated Jonathan Fleischmann’s squad in the final of the Mini-Spingold 1 (0-5000) KO Teams, 147-68. Zolotow, of Las Vegas, played with Anam Tebha, also of Las Vegas, Christian Jolly of Huntsville AL, Oren Kriegel of Skandia MI and Sean Gannon of Decatur GA.

Fleischmann of Bloomfield MI played with Xu Wang of Rego Park NY, Jordan Kaye and Brad Dracka of Farmington Hills MI and Jin Hu of Wappingers NY.

For the winners, captain Zolotow is the “senior” member of the squad: His four teammates are all Junior players. Tebha, Jolly, Kriegel and Gannon will attend the World Youth Open Bridge Championships in Croatia later this month.

“I love their enthusiasm,” said Zolotow of his teammates. Tebha is a recent graduate of UNLV; Jolly attends the University of Southern Indiana; Kriegel attends the University of Chicago and was a member of the winning squad in the Collegiate Championship held last weekend; and Gannon graduated from Wake Forest in 2014 and is currently playing and teaching full time.

“And I’ve got two master’s degrees from NYU that I earned before any of these guys were born!” Zolotow quipped.