Just as the seeding committee laid it out, the top two in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams will go head to head in today’s final.

No. 1 Monaco, playing four-handed since the second day of the event, will face No. 2 Nick Nickell for the championship. The match will be broadcast on Bridge Base Online and there will be a vugraph presentation in the Dallas Ballroom at the Sheraton Convention Center starting at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Monaco played without Pierre Zimmermann, captain of the team, and his partner, Franck Multon. They departed on Tuesday because of an emergency in Zimmermann’s family. In the semifinal, Monaco faced the Carolyn Lynch squad, seeded No. 5. The top seed led from the start and won every quarter in the 64-board match. The final score was 162-104.

Nickell’s opponent was the Mark Gordon team, originally seeded No. 11. Nickell also started fast, forging a 91-46 lead at the halfway point and expanding the lead to 66 IMPs after the third set. The final score was 156-107.