The password has to have upper and lower case letters, digits, AND a special character? How in the world am I ever supposed to remember it?

A good trick is to take a sentence, ended in an exclamation point, that has meaning to you and which you would not forget, and use the first character of each word in the sentence.

For example: I have 2 grandkids ages 6 and 8! becomes

Good security questions are ones that cannot be easily researched or guessed by someone else. Security questions only provide additional security if you are the only person who knows the answers.
For example, for the question “What is your favorite food?” the most common answer is “pizza”, so it is easy to guess, and that question/answer combination is not a good one. “What is my maiden name?” is something that could be found easily by looking up documents that are public record (birth certificates, marriage licenses), so that question is not a good one.
Good questions involve information that is personal or private to you, and is still easy for you to remember. For example, questions that involve your childhood, personal relationships, or private personality.

For more information on how to update your MyACBL security information, see the detailed instructions here.