ACBL has implemented a new membership dues structure effective April 1. The framework emphasizes the savings available when signing up for multi-year options, according to Robert Hartman, the organization’s chief executive.

Hartman says, “Essentially, members who were previously joining or renewing for one year won’t see any increase when they opt, instead, to sign up for three years.” In addition, signing up for multiple-year plans will save our members time, save the League up to $80,000 in reduced printing and postage expense and even save some trees along the way.

In addition to the one-year membership, two-year and three-year options have been added for new members. “For the first time, new members have the opportunity to receive the new member discount for three full years. This new feature is sure to be popular with the 11,000-plus new members who join annually.”

One, two-year and three-year alternatives now exist for the regular, Life Member and household levels. “But it’s joining or renewing for three years that offers the greatest savings across the board,” says Hartman, who notes that currently, 43% of ACBL members are already on a three-year plan.

New members will realize a discount of 26% over making annual $49 payments. Regular members and life members will realize savings of 20% and 22% respectively.


ACBL Membership Dues

Effective April 1, 2017

New member

One year           $39
Two years         $74
Three years      $87 (only $29 per year)

Regular membership

One year          $49
Two years        $94
Three years     $117 (only $39 per year)

Life Master service fee

One year         $46
Two years       $88
Three years    $108 (only $36 per year)


One year         $82
Two years       $160
Three years     $216 (only $72 per year)


One year (indiv)         $275
One year (house)        $375
Three years (indiv)     $750
Three years (house)    $1050


One year          $5