1.Each Unit will be permitted to hold no more than one Progressive Sectional per calendar year.

2. All masterpoint awards for Progressive Sectionals will be based on sectional rating. All masterpoints awarded will be silver. During the qualifying rounds, there will be no overall masterpoint awards in either Pair events or Swiss Teams.

During the Final, masterpoints will be calculated as though it were a two-session game (S=1.50). The table count for each stratum will be equal to 1.50 x actual tables in the Final. Credit will be given for tables in lower strata/flight in accordance with normal rules for Sectionals.

3. The Finals may be Open, with or without stratification, or flighted. The Finals may only be stratified or flighted if the qualifying rounds were also stratified or flighted.

4. Concurrent non-championship events shall not be considered in masterpoint calculation for the Progressive Finals.