The team captained by Nick Nickell, trailing by 26 IMPs with seven boards to go, outscored the John Diamond squad 34-0 from that point to earn a berth in the Bermuda Bowl next year. Nickell has captained four winning teams in the World Bridge Federation’s premier bridge event.

Nickell’s teammates are Ralph Katz, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Steve Weinstein and Bobby Levin. The team is coached by Eric Kokish. Diamond played with Brian Platnick, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Brad Moss and Kevin Bathurst.

Nickell led for most of the match and held a 221-207 advantage with two sets to go. Diamond surged into the lead in the penultimate set, outscoring Nickell 47-6, but Nickell won the final segment 43-8. The final score was 270-262. Nickell will compete in the 2015 Bermuda Bowl as USA 1.

The U.S. Bridge Federation will conduct trials next year to select USA 2 for the Bermuda Bowl, set for Chennai, India