Nick Nickell’s team cruised to victory in the final of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, defeating Richard Schwartz’s squad 142-56. A relatively close first quarter morphed into a lopsided contest by the end of the second quarter, with Nickell sporting a 46-IMP lead.

The third quarter do not improve Schwartz’s prospects, and Nickell’s lead ballooned by the end of the match to 86 IMPs.

Playing with Nickell was partner Ralph Katz and teammates Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth, Robert Levin and Steve Weinstein.

Schwartz played with partner Daniel Korbel, and teammates David Gold, David Bakhshi, Boye Brogeland and Epsen Lindqvist.

This is the fourth Vanderbilt win for captain Nickell and Weinstein, the fifth for Katz, the sixth for Levin, and the seventh for Meckstroth and Rodwell.

For the runners-up, it was Schwartz’s sixth appearance in the final (he’s won three times), but the first for each of his teammates.

Nickell’s run in the 2017 contest was marked by many decisive victories.

In the 24 quarters of play over six rounds, they were outscored in four only.