Updated Jan. 26, 2018

The Big Heart Charity Game is an experimental event that gives players the chance to earn extra red awards at their local club while adding to the amount of money given to charity. It is an optional “upgrade” to the ACBL-wide Charity Game.

ACBL wants to offer a wider variety of games to its members. In order to ensure that new game formats are exciting, competitive, and rewarding for members, while helping clubs increase game attendance, some testing is critical. Your club’s participation and feedback are very important to the success of future games at the club. Other recent experimental events were the NABC Online Individual and REACH.

The ACBL-wide Charity Game is a special game held at registered clubs throughout the ACBL. Each member is playing against other members across the continent, and both ACBL-wide and District-wide overall awards are given in addition to the black masterpoint earned at the club. There is a fee of $7.35 per table, and the money collected supports the ACBL Charity Fund. Hand analyses are provided after the game in digital format.

The Big Heart Charity Game is an “upgrade” of the ACBL-wide Charity Game. For a fee of $10 (paid by the club), your club will have the opportunity to give extra red overall awards to all its players.

The Big Heart Charity Game runs during the ACBL-wide Charity Game on February 21 during the afternoon session.

Any ACBL member in good standing who is playing at a registered club can participate.

At any club that has registered for the Big Heart Charity Game in addition to the ACB-wide Charity Game

No, players do not register for the Big Heart Charity Game. However, the club must register for both the ACBL-wide Charity Game and the Big Heart Charity Game.

Clubs pay a one-time registration fee of $10. Unlike REACH, players do not pay a registration fee. All ACBL fees go to the ACBL Charity Foundation.

While red overall awards are already available for the regular ACBL-wide Charity Game, the Big Heart Charity Game will substantially increase the awards given. The greatest amount given will be 30 red points. Up to 25% of players after the top pair will also win red awards. Of the ACBL-wide Charity Game overalls and the Big Charity Game awards, the higher of the two awards will be given.