With 28 deals left to play, Sweden has an 18.5 IMP edge over USA1 in the under-21 series at the World Youth Team Championships. The championship final, which is played over 84 boards, broke on Friday with Sweden leading 153.5 to 135. (Sweden earned a 4.5 IMP carryover when they beat USA1 in their head-to-head match in the qualifying Swiss.)

Competing for the Damiani Cup are USA1 players Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen, Chris Huber, Nolan Chang and Cole Spencer. The non-playing captain is Barry Goren.

In the Juniors (under 26) division, Norway is up over the Netherlands 133–115.5. France is leading China in the young women’s final 187.5–122.

The 15th World Youth Teams Championships began in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 14.

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