Updated Jan. 7, 2018

FAQ for the February 2018 International REACH

  1. The event will start with the afternoon game on Saturday, February 3. This is the date of this year’s ACBL-wide International Game.
  2. There will be five more sessions after the initial one, on Monday, February 5, through Friday, February 9, during the The Common Game’s “afternoon” games.
  3. Play will consist of a minimum of 18 boards. Games should start at registered clubs between the following time frames:
    Eastern Time: 10:30am-3:30pm
    Central Time: 9:30am-2:30pm
    Mountain Time: 8:30am-1:30pm
    Pacific Time: 7:30am-12:30pm
  4. The entry fee for this event will be $30. The entry form is here.
  5. There will be hand records for all games played during the REACH. We expect to offer complete analysis of the ACBL-wide International Game (courtesy of Frank Stewart!) and at least partial analysis by world-class expert players for the other games.
  6. Clubs will be required to charge a fee of $7.35 per table for the ACBL-wide International Game. That game will offer half red point awards at clubs that participate. All other club-level awards during REACH will be black points. Only overall REACH awards will be pigmented.
  7. About 20% of REACH fees will be shared with ACBL Districts, based on the number of members who participate from each District. The net of the fees received for the REACH, after paying the share to Districts and deducting costs for the event, will be contributed to International Bridge. The extra fees charged for the ACBL-wide International Game will also go to this cause.

General FAQ

REACH stands for Regional Event At the Club House. In this experimental event, players in clubs across the continent compete with each other in a regional game. The same set of deals are played by members in every participating club, but because it’s a Regional event, players can earn gold or red points while playing in their regular club game!

No, it runs on top of it with gold or red points added to your local club awards.

Any club in any district can host this event after pre-registration. All ACBL members can play in REACH after paying a fee. Registration opens on January 10 and closes at midnight, PST, on February 2

There is no cost for a club to participate. All clubs that are part of The Common Game are already registered. If your club is not already not a member of The Common Game, your club will need to pre-register with The Common Game. (Club registration for this event is now closed). You receive and duplicate the deals for the event, upload your Game files to The Common Game gateway immediately after the event, and agree to embargo your club’s results per the REACH instructions (to ensure hand security). If you have questions, you can contact The Common Game athelp@thecommongame.com. New club sign-ups close Friday, January 27.

Sessions can be open, limited or invitational and must include at least 18 boards played by four or more tables. Sessions must be during The Common Game’s ‘afternoon’ games. For this particular event, starting time should be between the following time frames: 10:30am-3:30pm EST, 9:30am-2:30pm CST, 8:30am-1:30pm MST, 7:30am-12:30pm PST. There are official schedule rules here.

ACBL members will play as they normally would for a club game but must pay a one-time fee via an online form in addition to the club entry fee. They must play in a minimum of two sessions. A list of all registered participants is here.

An average of a player’s two best scores after all adjustments will be used to determine players’ event ranks. Results will be grouped into four pools based on the field strength of the events. Each pool will have its own set of winners. Learn more about the pool system here.

No. ACBL stratification of A, B or C is not comparable. While the ACBL strat is based on your masterpoint level, the pool divisions are based on the field strength in which you are playing. Learn more about pools here.

There will be six REACH sessions based around the ACBL-wide International Fund Game on February 3 and February 5-9. If you need to request a sanction variance so your club can participate, please email Help@thecommongame.com.

REACH helps your club members get pigmented points and should also boost your attendance (clubs who participated in the first REACH saw 10%+ more players show up per game). Also, excess fees will be contributed to our National Bridge Organizations.

No. You sign up for ACBL’s REACH directly with The Common Game. You can play one REACH game per day, in any club that has decided to participate.

Yes. Your REACH results will be consolidated across any participating club, ACBL-wide.

REACH scores should be less affected by differences in a club’s strength than would normally be true for STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) and other ACBL-wide events. This is because REACH results are based on cross-matchpointed scores (each pair’s results are compared against those for all the other pairs who played a hand in any club) and because results are further adjusted based on the “field strength” of each section in each club. This field strength measure is a new idea that could be handled many ways. At present, we are testing using the distribution of masterpoint holdings from the people who are playing at each club section. If a player scores well against a strong field of players, the player’s score will be adjusted up even further. A player who scores well against a weak field may see a downward adjusted score. See more on field strength here.

No. Your REACH score is individual.

No, unless your partner wants to also enter the Regional Side-Series. However, your partner must be a current ACBL member.

The number of points we award will depend on the number of participants. Around 25% of the players who qualify, with at least two sessions, will earn gold points. You can read the full “Conditions of Contest” for this event by following this link.

REACH results are treated like a regular multi-session game at a tournament. You will see your results and those of all other participants on this page. However, you should note that results may not be posted immediately after the end of each session. This is because clubs all over the country are playing the same deals. Your club will be embargoed from sharing results (and hand records) until all other clubs have at least started playing the session. You will be asked when you register to affirm that you will not share hand details with other players who have not yet begun the event.

Because REACH is being played “ACBL-wide,” we have asked participating clubs in some regions to delay posting their results on their own website. We ask that all REACH participants practice active ethics regarding REACH hand information. Participants should not discuss hands with those who have not yet played them and should not post hand records or other information in locations where another participant might discover them. Please adhere to the “no devices in sight and all devices turned off” rule. Clubs may distribute paper hand records at the end of each session—but they should not be shared until after the embargo time for each time zone.

During the event, a leaderboard is available on this page (a video tutorial is available here). We expect to publish final results in that page by noon Eastern time on Sunday, February 11. A “results” email will be sent to all registered players.

For full Conditions of Contest for the February 2018 REACH please see this page.