Mikael Rimstedt and Zachary Grossack, who qualified third in the opening round of the Silodor Open Pairs, posted a blistering 68.93% score in the first final session to put the contest practically out of reach for the other contestants. Their 59.35% score in the second final allowed the duo to cruise to a two and a half board victory.

“We totally crushed the event today,” said Rimstedt, 21, who earned his first NABC title.

Grossack, speaking of his partner, said, “I was kinda wacky for the entire event, but by the end, he was good at fielding it!”

This is the third open NABC title for Grossack, who is 19.

In second were Israelis Alon Birman and Dror Padon. They qualified 24th and scored 63.94% and 57.88%, respectively, in the final sessions.

In third place were the brothers of the winners: Ola Rimstedt and Adam Grossack, who finished three and a half boards behind the pace of their siblings.