Two friends from Romania who played together for the first time at the Spring NABC posted two big sets in the final of the Lebhar IMP Pairs to win by more than 12 IMPs, an impressive margin.

The winners are Radu Nistor, who has lived in Edison NJ for about a month, and Iulian Christian, who lives in Bucharest. The young players make their living playing bridge. Second place went to two Danes, Hans Christian Graverson and Henrik Casperson.

Nistor and Christian have played for their country in international competition. Nistor earned a silver medal in the individual at the 13th World Youth Games in Beijing, China, in 2008. He added a bronze medal in the Junior Pairs at the World Youth Congress in Croatia in 2011. Christian has been on the Romanian open team.

The two knew each other through the small bridge community in Bucharest but had never played together. Nistor said he had to try to master Christian’s complicated system in a short period of time. “There are 45 pages on one club, one major,”

Nistor said. “But he knows the system.” Christian laughed when he noticed that a clerical error in the Daily Bulletin put Bucharest in Russia, which at one time included his homeland as one of its satellites.

Lying seventh with two final sessions to play, the Romanians posted solid plus scores of 36.54 IMPs and 39.18 to win going away. Their final score was plus 96.54 to 84.02 for the runners-up. Graverson and Casperson were sent to Dallas by the Danish Bridge Federation to practice for the European Bridge Championships this summer. Graverson is in the pharmaceutical business, Casperson in hospital administration.