The team captained by Stan Tulin, apparently third after all the scores were posted in the Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams, discovered that an opponent had entered an incorrect score on one of the boards. The new score turned a zero into a win, enough for Tulin and company to jump into first place by .14 boards.

Second place went to the Richard Schwartz team, the winners until the scoring change occurred. Tulin’s teammates were Kevin Dwyer, Alon Birman, Dror Padon, Michal Nowosadzki and Jacek Kalita. Schwartz played with David Bakhshi, Daniel Korbel, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist and David Gold.

Third place went to the John Diamond squad, the leaders by nearly three boards after the first final session, having scored 19 out of 26 to go with their carryover of 3.81. Diamond scored just 13.75 in the second final session to drop to third.

On the board that determined the outcome, two members of the winning team, playing East-West, doubled the non-vulnerable opponents in 4*H* and defeated it three tricks for plus 500.

When the opponents scored the board, it was entered in the Bridgemate as East-West in the same contract with the same outcome. East-West were vulnerable, so their score was minus 800.