A frustrating and confusing period ended on Sunday for Sylvia Shi and Aaron Jones with the pair celebrating victory in the Lebhar IMP Pairs.

When the final scores in the event were posted on Saturday night, Shi and Jones were in first by less than an IMP. The victory didn’t last the night. Runners-up Roger Bates and Dennis Kasle appealed a director’s ruling, but it didn’t go to committee. In appeals screening, it was determined the ruling being appealed was incorrect and the score was changed. The change put Bates and Kasle into first place with a score of 114.72 to 114.18 for Shi and Jones.

Things changed for Shi and Jones after an appeal that did not involve them or Bates and Kasle. A committee ruling on a board from the final session changed a score of plus 460 to minus 150, a swing so significant that it affected every pair.

Shi and Jones went from 114.18 to 114.51. Bates and Kasle dropped from 114.72 to 114.37. Shi and Jones were the winners by .14 IMPs.

A later appeals decision involving Bates and Kasle dropped their final score to 111.93. Shi and Jones finished with 114.50.

Shi and Jones found out about the change in the standings on Sunday morning, but were understandably cautious about celebrating.

“I knew there might be score corrections that could change the standings,” said Shi, an artist who lives in Rockville MD. “I didn’t know there was an appeal. I would have been devastated to go out and celebrate and then find out we lost.”

Jones, an office worker in Orange County CA, added that the initial victory didn’t sink in for him at first.

The two were playing in a North American championship for the first time. They met at the year-end regional in Charleston SC last year.

They started the final session of the IMP Pairs in 19th place, but fashioned a huge final session, scoring plus 74.82 IMPs, far and away the top score in the evening.

“We made a lot of contracts we shouldn’t have made,” Jones said.