First-time partners Julie Smith and Susan Humphries are the winners of the Wagar Women’s Pairs. The newly reformatted contest was played as a knockout team event for many years. Smith, of Vancouver BC, and Humphries, of New Zealand, won the two-day contest by 4.85 matchpoints over the Michigan-based duo of Linda Perlman and Debra Eaves. Top was 19 in the final.

This was the first NABC win for Smith and Humphries. Smith has many second and third-place finishes in Canadian Women’s Team events, while Humphries plays for New Zealand’s national women’s team. She will represent her home country at the upcoming world championships in Lyon, France.

After qualifying in the middle of the field, the winners posted a 63.26% in the first final session to move into second place. Their modest 52.63% score in the second final was just enough to earn them the title.

The duo practiced at the online site uBid before coming to Toronto.