Spingold Trophy

ACBL President Bob Heller presented the Spingold Trophy replica to team captain John Diamond after the four-man squad won 121-116 with an 8-IMP swing on the final board. Also on the squad were Boye Brogeland, Brian Platnick and Espen Lindqvist.


Roth Open Swiss

The Roth Open Swiss Teams champions are Bill Pettis, Beth Palmer, captain Ai-Tai Lo and Bill Cole. The DC-based squad finished 13 VPs ahead of the runners-up led by Mike Levine.


Mini 6000

Winners of the Mini-Spingold 0-6000 KO Teams: Chris Cowan, Debbie Feldman, captain Henry Caspar, Terry Richardson, John McWhinnie and Doug Barnes. Team Caspar beat Andy Stark’s team in the final 123-106.


Mini 2500

Winners of the Mini-Spingold 0-2500 KO Teams: Luen-Jyh Luo, Edward So, Jack Uppal and captain Tsao-Tung Tsai. The Tsai team defeated Kerry Cotterell’s squad in the final, 118-105.


10K Mixed Swiss

Winners of the 0-10,000 Mixed Swiss Teams: Stewart Rubenstein, Christina Parker, Susan Smith and Michael Smith. The Smiths were on the winning team in the Goldman Flight A Grand National Teams, representing District 25.


Fishbein Trophy

Partners Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist won the Fishbein Trophy in Toronto, given to the player(s) who score the most masterpoints at the Summer NABC. The Norwegians scored 392.50 points, 250 of which came from their victory in the Spingold KO Teams as part of John Diamond’s squad.