Goal: Make teaching more effective in encouraging people to play contract bridge.
Focus: Delivery of beginning bridge classes independent of bridge content.
Overview: A Team of Adult Learning Experts interviewed 17 teachers to apply adult learning principles to  the delivery of beginning bridge classes.  The teaching practices considered strategically important for maximizing student learning and motivation were identified.  These “sample” strategic teaching practices were presented and modified responsive to teacher input on November 27 at the San Diego NABC.  All bridge teachers are invited to give input via an online survey from December 15 through January 15.  This input will be considered by the Team to recommend about 20 Strategic Teaching Practices deemed  most important for hooking beginners on bridge.

Adult Learning Principles

  • Show respect for all students
  • Engage students in “doing” rather than listening
  • Develop students’ understanding
  • Build students’ confidence

On-Line Survey – Please give your feedback in a 10-minute online survey, click here.

Teachers Interviewed: Jeff Bayone, Marty Bergen, Larry Cohen, Donna Compton, Laura Delfeld, Jerry Helms, Carol Mathews, Henry Meguid, Jo Anne Bright Newby, Jim Ricker, Barbara Seagram, Betty Starzec, Robert Todd, Patty Tucker, Jane Champion and Barbara Doster.

Team Credentials

Grace Major, Team Leader
Grace is a training expert–designing workshops, training and certifying facilitators and measuring training results. She founded Sigma, a training company that custom-built workshops, trained over 500,000 adults and certified over 250 facilitators from 1986 to 2010. Creator of training programs that won five national awards, Grace was elected to the board of ISA, the international organization of training executives. Since selling Sigma, she has been coaching executives and facilitating workshops for small business owners, winning a 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the national SCORE organization. She holds an education degree from Michigan State University and served as a Princeton Fellow. Grace is a new bridge player.

Dr. Ellen Carlos
Dr. Ellen Carlos dedicated her career to adult and community education—training teachers how to teach and qualifying teachers based on demonstrated competencies—with hundreds of training manuals, books and articles to her credit. She chaired the Virginia task force that established policy for the structure, delivery and evaluation of apprentice training and led other state-wide vocational initiatives. Winner of Virginia’s “Top Apprenticeship Award”, she was responsible for Northern Virginia’s apprenticeship program with 60 instructors and for the Adult and Community Education program with 85,000 annual registrations, and 1,500 teachers. Dr. Carlos holds D.Ed, M.Ed and B.S degrees from Pennsylvania State University. Since retiring, she started a custom paper goods business and resumed playing social bridge. She’s earned 15 gold points since starting sanctioned duplicate play this year and is a convert to tournament play.

Dr. Brenda Manning
Dr. Manning is a Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita; Noted academic author with three national texts on learning and teaching, approximately 100 articles in refereed journals, invited chapters (e.g., “Inspiring Students to Excel: EXTRAORDINARY TEACHERS”); Editor of national teacher education journal; Master Teacher with four College of Education teaching awards, Senior Teaching Fellow, Inaugural member U. Georgia Teaching Academy; Mentor for five beginning faculty; Aderhold Distinguished Professor of Teaching, Research, Service; Invited National Faculty for University of Notre Dame & Beijing Normal University; Invited Consultant for Disney Educational Foundation. She is a bridge enthusiast, ACBL-Certified Club Director and Teacher, Bridge Club Co-Manager, Silver Life Master and bridge teacher for 10 years. She started 299er classes/games (quadrupled in size) & Mentor games in two locations.