The mostly Southern California team captained by Viktor Anikovich defeated the mostly Florida team led by Albert Shrive in the final of the 0–10,000 Knockout Teams, 151–121.

Anikovich played with David Pelka, Alan Daniels, Igor Milman, Bob Kent and Ellen Kent. Shrive played with Jim McKeown, Donald Dalpe, Michael Ranis, Lee Bukstel and Michael Wolf.

Anikovich got off to a 44–11 lead in the first quarter. Shrive mounted a comeback in the second and third quarters to claim a small lead at the end of the third quarter, 99–94. But Anikovich had its best set in the fourth quarter, winning the set 57–22.

Three members of the winning team have previously won limited NABC events. The Kents won the 0–10,000 Swiss Teams last fall in Orlando, and Anikovich won the GNT Flight A in 2012. It is the first NABC win for Daniels, Milman and Pelka. Milman of Brooklyn NY, the lone East Coaster of the bunch, was second in the 0–5000 Mini-Spingold that year.