Robert “Bob” Wallace 1947–2014

Bob Wallace, an ACBL Tournament Director from Indianapolis IN, died Oct. 6 in a boating accident near Galveston TX. The 67-year-old had worked for the ACBL since 2003. Wallace was also the chief tournament director for the American Bridge Association.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Bob Wallace and his wife, Cassandre Wallace, were thrown into the water off the coast of Galveston when their boat wrecked in a storm. Cassandre, 69, was able to swim to shore and report what happened. She said they were fishing that morning when their boat lost power. She held onto her husband’s life preserver for several hours because he was lapsing into unconsciousness. Waves separated the pair; Bob Wallace’s body was discovered later that day.

National Tournament Director Charlie MacCracken mourned the loss of his fellow TD. “Bob was an invaluable asset to the ACBL and the ABA – in fact, he was their chief TD. Bob had one of the best table presences I have ever encountered. He will be sorely missed.”