Celebrity Lesson Series

Teachers have asked for more mini-lessons to present to their students. The Celebrity Lesson Series includes short presentations taken from the Celebrity Speakers Program at the NABCs. Thank you to the authors for allowing us to make these available to you. More will be added throughout the year.

Larry-CohenLAWful Preemption – LARRY COHEN has done it all in the world of bridge. He is a world champion player with many impressive wins, a popular bridge author, a bridge teacher, the director of the prestigious Bridge World Master Solvers Club, a worldwide lecturer on bridge and a vugraph commentator at the NABCs. He was ACBL’s 2002 Player of the Year. Born in New York, Cohen currently resides in Boca Raton FL with his wife, Maria. He is a former computer programmer and options trader, but presently makes his living from writing/publishing bridge books and articles and playing bridge professionally. Cohen’s biggest passion/hobby is golf and watching sports, especially his beloved Yankees.

Eddie-Kantar52 Facts of Bridge Life – EDDIE KANTAR of Santa Monica CA is a professional bridge player, writer and teacher whose various bridge books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in 10 languages. Many of his textbooks have become standard teaching tools for bridge instructors throughout the world. Eddie’s legendary wit and bridge knowledge has made him one of the most loved bridge teachers of all time. Eddie has been inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame, has been a World Champion twice, and he has won thirteen North American Championship titles.

Alan-LeBendigBalancing – ALAN LeBENDIG ( 1948-2009) of Los Angeles CA, served for many years as a representative of District 23 on the ACBL Board of Directors and entertained bridge teachers at many ABTA banquets as a member of the celebrity panel at the annual convention banquet. He was the co-owner of the Barrington Bridge Club in Los Angeles and a Grand Life Master who won the North American Swiss Teams in 1993. Alan was a member of the National Goodwill Committee.

Ken-MonzingoAunt Lucy (Hand Patterns) – KEN MONZINGO, San Diego CA, is the managing editor of the Contract Bridge Forum, the monthly publication of Districts 17, 20, 21 and 22. He is a frequent editor of Daily Bulletins at western regionals. Monzingo, a theatrical press agent for national touring shows, was the entertainment chairman for the 1994 San Diego NABC and will be the tournament chairman for the upcoming 2008 Summer NABC in Las Vegas. A Diamond Life Master with numerous regional wins, he is also a member of the National Goodwill Committee.

Amy-NellissenSecond Hand Low – AMY NELLISSEN is active in bridge instruction. Owner of the Bridge Table club in Franklin Lakes NJ, Nellissen is an ACBL Accredited Teacher, an ABTA Teacher and an Easybridge! Presenter. Nellissen, a Unit 106(North Jersey) Board member and the Unit Novice Chairman, says of her club, “We specialize in providing a safe place for new players to play duplicate.”

Pat-HarringtonSecond Hand Low – PAT HARRINGTON of Fort Myers FL is a professional educator who has been involved with the ACBL’s education program since its inception. Pat is an ACBL TAP Teacher Trainer, a columnist for the Bridge Bulletin, an ABTA Master Teacher and the teacher at the Bonita Bridge Club in Florida.

Roberta-SalobHow to Use the Enemy – Double Their Artificial Bid – ROBERTA SALOB of Glen Head NY is the personification of a successful teacher. Her engaging personal style of teaching combined with her innate marketing instincts have forged a structured teaching program that produces hundreds of new bridge players each year. Roberta is an ABTA (American Bridge Teacher Association) Master Teacher and a past-president of that organization.

Ginny-SchuettNegative Double – GINNY SCHUETT of Riverwoods, Illinois, is a former Middle School teacher who graduated from National College of Education with a Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist. An emerald Life Master with almost 10,000 masterpoints, she has won over 50 regional titles and has many top 10 finishes in NABC events. For more than 20 years, Ginny has been active in the American Bridge Teachers’ Association and served as their annual convention chairperson for over ten years. She is an ABTA Master Teacher, an ACBL Accredited Teacher, a certified tournament director and a past president of the Chicago Contract Bridge Association (CCBA).

Barbara-SeagramTake More Tricks as Declarer – BARBARA SEAGRAM is a popular and well known teacher and club manager in Toronto, Ontario. Seagram teaches more than 1000 1000 students per year and runs a large Intermediate-Newcomer program. She is an ABTA Master Teacher and was one of the co¬creators of the Zero Tolerance program, created to ensure proper behavior at the bridge table. It is now in effect in 12 countries around the world. Seagram has co-authored many books including the 25 Series, the Pocket Guide to Bridge and Practice Your Slam Bidding (3 books and software).

leslie_shaeferBidding with No HCPs – LESLIE SHAEFER was the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Rookie of the Year for 1992. She is currently a monthly columnist for the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and edits and publishes Bridge Students ’R Us, a national newsletter for Intermediate/Novice players with over 1,000 subscribers. She is a past president of the American Bridge Teachers’ Association (ABTA) and was editor of the ABTA Quarterly for over eight years. She is a frequent speaker at the ABTA Convention and Seminar and the ACBL IN (Intermediate-Newcomer) Programs. Leslie is a Silver Life Master and a full-time bridge teacher with an average of 10 classes a week. She is an ABTA Master Teacher and a Four Star ACBL Teacher. For her contact information and a sample of her newsletter, visit her website at www.bridgeteacher.com.