A temporary membership gives a player all the benefits of being a member for one month. For just $7.99 (Can$9.95), they can have an issue of the Bridge Bulletin, Masterpoints®, access to tournament play and a permanent member number. Join Now

Temporary members receive regular membership benefits for one month: an issue of the Bridge Bulletin, Masterpoints®, access to tournament play and a permanent member number.

At least one month: new members may receive a few additional days of membership, depending on the day of the month they join ACBL.

A temporary membership is $7.99 (Can$9.95). Renewing a temporary membership costs additional $7.99 per month. If the player signs up for a full-year membership before the temporary membership is over, they will receive a $7.99 (Can$9.95) discount (offer valid for online renewal only).

Only new members or renewing temporary members can buy a temporary membership. Anyone who has previously had a full-year membership can’t enroll in a temporary membership.

Players can buy a temporary membership at acbl.org or by filling out a New Member Application form received from a recruiter.

Players can buy temporary membership at $7.99 (Can$9.95), one-year membership at $49 (Can$60.80) , or three-year membership at $117 (Can$145.10).

Yes. Non-members can join for one or three years directly.

Yes. Previous temporary members can buy another temporary membership after the first month. However, once you have become a full-year member, you can’t buy a temporary membership again.

Just go to acbl.org/renew and select a one or three membership plan. If you buy a full-year membership before your temporary membership ends, you will receive a $7.99 (Can$9.95) discount (offer valid for online renewal only).

Beginning March 1, 2018, all tournament players must have an ACBL member number to participate (even if their membership has expired). The temporary membership allows non-members to try the excitement of playing in a sanctioned tournament without committing to a full-year membership.

Lapsed members do not have to rejoin. They can continue to pay the $4 surcharge as usual (this has not changed). If you arrive at a tournament and want to purchase a temporary membership, you can contact the tournament director, who will have forms available, or visit acbl.org/join.

Sure. You can renew your membership (go to acbl.org/renew) or pay $4 more per session. If it is a charity event, a 0-20 game, or player has a current membership with ABA, there is no surcharge.

The $4 surcharge has not been changed and was previously codified before the creation of the temporary membership.

Recruiters, accredited teachers and club managers will receive $5 for each initial temporary membership they sign up. This will be distributed via a monthly check. When the temporary member renews for a one- or three-year membership, you’ll also get the current recruitment incentives. Just as importantly, the new membership option will help keep your players engaged, and you will likely see them return for games and lessons more often.

ACBL cannot distribute recruitment bonuses without issuing proper tax documents. You’ll need to provide tax information to ACBL before we can send you a check.

No, but rewards will only be given for the initial temporary membership enrollment.

No. Unlike with tournaments, you don’t need a member number to play in club games, including STaCs.