Tell your players about temporary memberships

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Give your club members and bridge students a taste of ACBL with the new temporary membership! For just $7.99 (Can$9.95), they can have the exclusive benefits of membership for one month: an issue of the Bridge Bulletin, Masterpoints®, access to tournament play* and a permanent member number.


  • Encourage students to stick with lessons when you show them all the ways they can dive into bridge, like with a great monthly magazine full of tips and news.
  • Spur on students by showing them how they can track their progress as they earn masterpoints.
  • Receive extra credit. Accredited teachers can get $5 (Can$6.20) for each initial temporary membership they sign up.
  • Register your students now at or via printed New Membership Application.

Club Managers

  • Keep your players engaged and coming back for more games when you bring them into the bridge community.
  • Entice players to return and play again with the possibility of masterpoints.
  • Earn a bonus. Club managers can receive $5 (Can$6.20) for each initial temporary membership they sign up.
  • Ask your players to register now at or via printed New Membership Application.


  • Players can participate in tournaments with the member number a temporary membership gives them.
  • With a member number, any masterpoints players earn will be tracked and accredited.
  • The cost of a temporary membership is equivalent to two game charges ($4 per session).
  • Print a New Membership Application now or ask players to sign up for a temporary membership online at

More information

Temporary memberships are only available to players who never had a full-year membership before. At the end of the month, temporary members may renew the temporary membership or upgrade to a one-year or three-year membership. If a temporary member renews for a full-year membership before their temporary membership expires, they get a $7.99 (Can$9.95) discount (online renewals only).

In addition to the temporary membership enrollment bonus, accredited teachers and club managers also get the current recruitment incentives when the temporary member renews for a one-year or three-year membership.

The temporary membership option is available both online and on the New Membership Application forms via MyACBL.

Once you’ve signed up a temporary member, we’ll reach out to them. We want to include them in our bridge community and show them how being a member can enhance their bridge experience.

*You now must have a member number to play in any tournament.