Bridge clubs and tournaments across the United States and Canada raised $531,332 on The Longest Day to support Alzheimer’s research and care.

The most recent total shows the donations made, but still to come is the amount raised through the games played on June 21.

Of these donations, the team that raised the most was Sagamore Bridge Club in Syosset NY. Led by Silvana Zangri, the club was able to give $83,523. Other top fundraising teams include the Bridge Academy of North Dallas, which raised $30,000 and the Bridge Club of Atlanta, which donated $26,273.

In the process of calculating the total amount received, the ACBL divided the fundraising teams into tiers based on the size of the club or unit. Leaders of the smaller clubs participating were the Cincinnati Bridge Association, which gave nearly $11,000, and the Hawkeye Bridge Alzstars, which raised $10,717.

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Top Ten Fundraising Teams

Sagamore Bridge Club: $83,523

Bridge Academy of North Dallas: $30,000

Bridge Club of Atlanta: $26,273

Bridge Heroes United: $22,077

Aces Against Alzheimer’s: $19,860

Fred’s Bridge Club: $15,478

Platinum CEM: $13,678

St. Louis Bridge Center: $13,503

Indianapolis Bridge Center: $12,084

SLO Bridge to Remember: $11,844