Three U.S. teams advanced to semifinals at the World Bridge Games in Wroclaw, Poland, while Canada’s Open team was eliminated.

In its match against Monaco, Canada (Nick L’Ecuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Kamel Fergani, Fred Pollack, Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, npc Marc-Andre Fourcaudot and coach Eric Kokish) withdrew after five sets, down 244–77. Poland, the Netherlands and Spain also advanced.

In the Women’s event, the USA (Beth Palmer, Sylvia Shi, Lynn Deas, Kerri Sanborn, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolow and npc David Sokolow) defeated Sweden 196–161. They’ll face China next, with France and Scotland in the other match.

In the Senior competition, the USA (Reese Milner, Hemant Lall, Bob Hamman, Chip Martel, Jeff Meckstroth, Zia Mahmood, npc Petra Hamman and coach Jacek Pszczola) handled Australia 188–158. Australia had led for a few short stretches in the fourth and fifth sets, so it was a tighter match than previous for the USA, who face Denmark next. France and Taiwan also advanced.

In the Mixed teams, the USA (Sylvia Moss, Michael Seamon, Sheri Winestock, Brad Moss, Sue Picus, Alex Ornstein and npc Phillip Alder) steamrolled France 212–122, buying a semifinal date with Russia. The Netherlands and Germany meet in the other match.

Pairs events also begin semifinal rounds Wednesday.

Semifinals will be played Wednesday and Thursday with vugraphs on BBO. Play is scheduled between 4:30 a.m. and about 1 p.m. EDT both days. Click here for the full vugraph schedule. Bulletins and live results are available at