With one day left to play – and only one player playing – the two-person Barry Crane Top 500 race remains unsettled on the first day of the New Year.

Mark Itabashi, the leader before the final tournament of the year, picked up 12.25 masterpoints for winning the A/X Swiss Teams at the Reno Holiday Regional on Tuesday. The tournament ended that day. At the Myrtle Beach MABC New Year’s Regional, Chris Compton was still playing in a knockout that ends today. Depending on how his team does and the payoff for winning, Compton could slip ahead.

As of Wednesday morning, Itabashi’s total, including his final event in Reno, was 2755.85. Compton’s total was 2723.40 with his KO results pending.

All masterpoint totals are unofficial because of the possibility of unreported club results.

The race will be updated later today as soon as results from Myrtle Beach are posted.