A slew of higher-ranked teams was defeated by their lower-ranked counterparts in yesterday’s Spingold action.

The top-seeded defending champions from Poland, who added Reese Milner and captain Hemant Lall to this year’s lineup, were taken out by Pan China Red, the No. 32 seed led by Ze Jun Zhuang, 117-106.

Marty Fleisher’s team, the No. 3 seed, was manhandled by Martin Harris’s squad (the No. 30 seed) 141-77.

Mark Gordon and company (No. 5) were stunned by a late rally from Winthrop Allegaert’s team, the original No. 33 seed. Down 40 IMPs after three quarters, Allegaert rallied to win the match 109-102.

Jimmy Cayne’s team (No. 7) trailed the entire match against the original No. 35 seed led by John McAllister. McAllister won 173-117.

John Diamond, the No. 11 seed, was shown the door by Rose Meltzer’s squad, 136-127.