The team captained by Gur Baykal, sitting in fifth place after the first day of qualifying in the 10K Swiss Teams, took the lead in the event after four sessions of the final and held on to win by 12.37 victory points. The winners are from the Toronto area.

Baykal played with his wife. Their teammates were Bill Kertes and Ina Demme.

Second place went to the California team of Marcia and Robert Dean, San Jose, and Richard and Jody Williams, San Carlos. They were the leaders after the first day.

Gur Baykal is a partner in a window components company. He and his wife met playing bridge 23 years ago. They have been married for 21 years.

Kertes is a retired investment banker. Demme works for the Canadian Bridge Federation. The two won the 0-5000 Mini Blue Ribbon Pairs in Providence RI last year.