Keen players are always eager to pit their skills against others, which is why the ACBL sanctions more than 1200 tournaments a year. If you want to play in a tournament, chances are good that you can find one just about any week of the year.

Sectional Tournaments are ACBL tournaments run by a unit or by a club to which authority for the activity has been granted by ACBL. Silver points are awarded in all events at a sectional. Most sectionals run for three days, although some are longer and a few run for only two days. Sectionals draw their competitors mostly from the immediate area.

Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) are ACBL tournaments with sectional rating staged at many clubs in a geographical area over a period of up to seven days. Events are played at several clubs, and results are transmitted to a central office manned by the director in charge. The director combines the results to determine the winners and overall places for participants. Masterpoints awarded are silver.

Regional Tournaments are ACBL tournaments run by the districts and offer gold and red points. At least one regional tournament is held in each district annually.

North American Bridge Championships (NABC) are conducted by the ACBL and are held three times a year across the United States and Canada. NABCs offer platinum, gold and red points.