From newsletters and updates to tournament marketing and more, email is the quickest and most effective way to reach your members. We’re here to help put the power in your hands through Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola click here.

Easy and Direct Contact Through Email

We’ve worked with Pianola to develop an email service just for units and districts. Now an email to your members about unit/district news, upcoming games and future tournaments is just a few clicks away.
Here are some of the unique features of the service

  • Control your email content and sending timeline
  • Target members based on masterpoint holdings and rank
  • Add attachments to emails
  • Feature bridge-themed email designs

See how easy the service is to use with the “Pianola 101” webinar, and then request an account by contacting

If you have questions, contact To log in to Marketing Solutions, Powered by Pianola, click here.