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Online Sanction Applications

Online sanction applications for sectional or regional tournaments are
available only through unit or district tournament coordinators. Who
is your coordinator? Click here for units.
Click here for districts.

To sanction unit games, unit charity games, Grand National Teams and
North American Pairs, click here.

Guidelines and Procedures


Tournament Tools

Tournament Publicity

To have your tournament schedule or flier posted on the tournament calendar page send the information in file format to Please note any schedule advertised in the ACBL Bulletin will be posted.

Tournament Email Notices

To take advantage of the ACBL Tournament Email Notice Program, please send your notices to Tournament Email Services. All notices must include a phone number and an email address that can be used for replies. Replies to tournament notices will no longer be sent to the ACBL, but, will be sent to the tournament representative. See the full list of Guidelines below.

The ACBL is mindful of increasingly strong laws regarding internet privacy. Members currently are able to opt out of messages.

Notice Guidelines

All notice requests must be sent to the ACBL via email to Tournament Email Services. In order to ensure that your email flier notice is sent out in a timely fashion, please note the following deadlines for submitting email notice requests to the ACBL:

  • Notices for Sectional tournaments should be sent to the ACBL at least six (6) weeks prior to the tournament start date.
  • Notices for Regional tournaments should be sent to the ACBL at least eight (8) weeks before the tournament start date.
  • The ACBL cannot guarantee the timely delivery of any notices that are submitted less than the above deadlines.
  • All notices MUST be sent to the ACBL in the body of an email or with a Word document attachment containing the information.
  • All notices MUST include a phone number.
  • All notices MUST include an email address that can be used for replies.
  • Only one (1) email notice will be sent per tournament to the distribution criteria you select.
  • You are responsible for including distribution criteria – units(s), districts(s) or zip codes – all of which are subject to approval.
  • You are responsible for your notice content, so please be sure to proof read it – twice!
  • Do not use photos or other graphics in your email notices because these make the notices more difficult to download. All submissions that contain photos/graphics will be returned for correction purposes.
  • Email notices may not contain any attachments.
  • Click here for a Sample Tournament Email Notice.